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Gabi is easily the BEST yoga teacher I have ever practiced with!


Only Gabi's meditation sessions could make me excited to get up at 8am every weekday!

Wellbeing Professionals

Equal parts intelligent, creative and compassionate Gabi is able to articulate her teachings in a digestible way, allowing her natural humour to also shine.

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One to one Yoga  Therapy

Gabi is easily the BEST yoga teacher I have ever practiced with! She makes everything intuitive, pushes you to challenge yourself all while guiding you to cultivate a mindful focus. Jump into her practice, you wont regret it!
Dr Jess Bryant
Dr. Jessica Bryant
Conservation Ecologist
London, United Kingdom
I have type 2 diabetes and initially came to Gabi to help lower my blood sugar levels and to better cope with life stresses. My blood sugars are back to normal and Gabi has become an inspirational mentor showing me how two weave yoga and meditation into my day to day life, helping me become healthier and more contented again. I most warmly recommend her!
Elaine Huey
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Working with Gabi has been fantastic. She is flexible and lovely to work with and has put together a perfect holistic yoga therapy plan for me which I now incorporate into my daily life. If you're looking for a yoga therapist, look no further than Gabi.
Jennifer Rooney
Founder, The Wellbeing Tortoise
London, United Kingdom
From managing stress to old basketball injuries, my sessions with Gabi have helped me achieve my goals and learn more about what my body & mind need most. Her ability to listen & create a practice that works with me & my schedule has been invaluable. Thank you Gabi!
Lynda Guy

Founder/Jewellery designer, LITZI
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I discovered Real People do Yoga completely by chance through an online workplace guide to "surviving lockdown" in the spring of 2020 and I'm so glad I attended that first short guided meditation session! Since then I've regularly joined Gabi's morning group movement and meditation sessions and signed up for one-to-one yoga therapy. Gabi has a warmth and empathy that has attracted a loyal following for her online sessions and feeling part of her morning community has made such a positive difference to my mental and emotional wellbeing. A combination of compassion and enthusiasm for her work makes Gabi an excellent teacher. If you come with an open mind, her yoga therapy has the potential to change lives. Gabi will take the time to prepare a practice tailored to your specific needs, developing and refining it as needed. My recommendation? Take the first step and let Gabi help you improve your wellbeing.
York, United Kingdom
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Sarah Barron
Integrative Counselling (?)
London, United Kingdom

Client Testimonials

Group Yoga Therapy

My employer, BT, set up daily on line yoga and meditation sessions with Gabi at the outset of lockdown and what a great choice they made. I am still having regular online sessions with Gabi and a lovely group of people and Gabi is a natural coach with great empathy. After 7 months of working from home I am feeling fitter and healthier than I have done for years and Gabi's sessions have a lot to do with that. I'll be having one-to-one sessions from next month to expand on the feel-good effect. Thanks Gabi.
David Hewett
Sutton, United Kingdom
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Elena Papadopolis
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Wellbeing Professional Testimonials

Teachers, Mentors and Colleagues

Gabi has been an exceptional student in our 1000-hour IAYT-accredited Yoga Therapist training program for the past two years. She is exceptionally gifted intellectually, which is balanced with much emotional and spiritual awareness through years of consistent practice as a Yogi meditator. I have had the great pleasure of mentoring her work as a developing Yoga Therapist for the past two years. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Gabi's ability to hold a safe therapeutic presence while helping her students discover beneficial Yoga Therapy practices that work with the whole person through the many tools of Yoga Therapy.
Maggie Reagh
Founding Director, Yoga Therapy International
Vancouver, Canada
Gabi is one incredible woman and a force to be reckoned. Equal parts intelligent, creative and compassionate she is able to articulate her teachings in a digestible way, allowing her natural humour to also shine. This creates a sense of community and comfort to anyone she shares a space with. I could not recommend Gabi more as a teacher, mentor, or innovator in this growing wellness industry. She is a MUST!! An amazing teacher and person!
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Neil Pearson
Director Pain Care U
BC, Canada
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Danielle Schroeder
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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