My Story

Gabi Macra

C-IAYT 1000 HR


I whole heartedly believe in what I do because I have personally felt the benefits of yoga as a therapeutic practice.

Every day I try to learn and grow so that with each day I am better equipped to help more people.

My biggest learnings are always from my students and I am grateful that they entrust me with a part of their healing story.

I love working together with my students and clients to move towards a place of better health.


About Me

I feel like I have lived many lives.  Maybe I’m a cat?  I’ve always loved sports.  Playing basketball through university in Canada I learned how my body could be pushed and how much it could break as well. I have always been fascinated by the human body and love learning new things about it.

My personal yoga practice began in 2008 and, like many, it started as part of my way to keep fit.  It evolved quickly as I turned to it for rehabilitating a torn achilles in 2012 and later I opened up a Pandora’s box of benefits when I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis in 2014 and went in search of tools to stay healthy for life.

Not surprisingly I started to turn my interest towards the therapeutic application of yoga and have devoted most of my current studies here . I completed my yoga therapy qualification in 2020, am a C-IAYT 1,000 HR and love to continually soak up knowledge from my teachers. mentors, clients and students.

Working with Me

Whether you want to work with an injury, chronic condition, general health issue or simply want to build better health I would love to explore working with you.

I work both 1 to 1 and in groups, both small and large.

When working together I take into consideration where you are and what you are looking to achieve.  I always find a balance between comfort and pushing boundaries safely to help you grow. My main goal is to help you find your better health and wellbeing.


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