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Morning Movement

Join our Community

Short Break

Resuming 02 July

A morning session to set you up for the day.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:20 am GMT

Suggested donation £5

Contact to donate



Rotating Therapeutic Themes

Short Break

Resuming 01 July

Therapeutic applications of yoga with restorative finish.


6:00 pm GMT

Suggested donation £10

Contact to donate

Covid-19 Recovery

Coming Back Soon

Get in touch if you or someone you know could benefit.

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Mat Yoga


Hips & 

Lower Back

Play Video

Give your hips and lower back some TLC in this mindful therapeutic practice.




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An uplifting practice for your heart, your mood and to boost immunity.

Slow Down

Tune In

Rest Up

Play Video

A slow mindful practice, honing your interoception. Great for helping to reduce inflammation.




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Create space in this slow mindful practice working somatically through the body and finishing with 15 minutes of restoration.

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Chair Yoga

Yoga for

Desk Warriors

Play Video

A short practice to release tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hips.

Take quick break to refresh.

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Meditation recordings available free on Insight Timer, the worlds #1 free meditation app for sleep, anxiety and stress.

Don’t have insight timer?

Available on the App Store and Google play.

Let Go

This short meditation uses the simple mantra, Let Go, to release what is not serving us in this moment.

Nourish & Ground

Lay back in a reclined cobblers pose and let yourself be guided through a deeply nourishing visualisation.  Replenish, rebuild, nourish and grow.

Tense & Release

A guided body and breath exercise for deep relaxation. Re-energise for your day or use before bed to drift off into a deep sleep.

Friends with Fear

Explore fear from a place of kindness and compassion. Accept why it came and let go of the stories that surround it.

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Our breath is one of the most powerful tools we have. It is the only autonomic function in our body that we can directly control, it has a direct impact on our physiological state. Best of all it’s portable and ours alone.

Breathing 101 is a sample of some of the topics covered in an introductory group Breathwork session.

Topics covered include belly breathing, our primary breathing muscle and 4 sample breathing exercises starting with awareness then moving into exercising finding balance, exercising the primary mover and finally a simple and effective technique for calm and release.

This is a great baseline measure when starting a new pranayama practice, a marker to gauge progress as you go as well as the perfect tool for simply building up your mind-body connection through the most powerful natural tool, your breath. How often do we sit and notice all aspects of our breath? Use this complete breath awareness practice to connect back to your breath; the feel, sound, length, pace, pauses, movement through the body and impact on any tension, pain or discomfort you may hold.

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Live Sessions are Donation Based

Please contribute only what feels right for you. These sessions are intended to be accessible to all.

Weekly evenings sessions : Sign-up and donate via Eventbrite or donate directly by bank transfer and request session link (request details below).

Morning sessions : no sign-up needed, donate via bank transfer (request link below).

Donation guidance per session : £5 morning sessions, £10 evening sessions

Click to request Bank Details.

Donate with PayPal.

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